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Which diesel generator to choose for a country house


Which diesel generator to choose for a country house

In modern realities, a comfortable suburban life is impossible without electricity. Unfortunately, despite the general electrification, there are frequent cases of periodic power outages. The ideal solution to this problem is an electric generator. It is a combustion engine-driven plant capable of generating electricity independently of the main grid. More precisely, an alternator of a synchronous or asynchronous type, which is driven by a motor shaft located on a common frame, is responsible for generating electricity directly inside the installation.

Why choose a diesel generator for power supply of a cottage

The generators can operate on different types of internal combustion engines - gas, petrol and diesel. Of all the above, today the best generators for a private house are diesel ones. In comparison with gasoline units designed for short-term operation and having a low engine life, they are distinguished by a number of advantages:
• economical fuel consumption;
• long-term non-stop operation;
• power up to several hundred kW;
• increased service life;
• good quality of the generated current;
• high reliability.

The latter is extremely important for a good generator. Reliability is a legendary distinguishing feature of the equipment of the Yanmar company, which has been producing diesel engines since 1933, and on their basis produces generator and cogeneration units, agricultural machinery and construction machines.

The safe design and wide range of characteristics of diesel generators allow them to be used as emergency, backup and permanent sources of electricity, not only in suburban villages and dachas, but also in hunting and fishing lodges, at remote industrial and commercial enterprises.

How to Pick a Good Generator

An autonomous power supply is a complex expensive equipment, the choice of which must be approached thoroughly. Errors in ordering lead to overpayments for equipment of too high power, or to the inability to use part of the electrical equipment installed in the room. Thinking about how to choose a quality diesel generator for a country house, you should carefully evaluate a number of parameters.


Fundamental characteristic of this equipment to which attention should be paid. When calculating the required power, all active loads and simultaneously operating electrical appliances are summed up: lighting, kettle, iron, other heating devices. The reactive power factor is taken into account for devices with an inductive component:
• refrigerator;
• power tool;
• submersible and circulation pumps;
• vacuum cleaner;
• microwave ovens;
• washing machine.

If you plan to buy a diesel generator as a backup, low priority loads are excluded from the list. For the main source of power supply, the capacities of all consumers are taken into account. The generating installation must have a power reserve of 20-30% in relation to the calculated one.


In Yanmar electric generators, diesel air cooling is used only in low-power models up to 5 kW, the time of non-stop operation of which is 6-9 hours, depending on the volume of the fuel tank. For units that can operate non-stop for up to several days, liquid cooling is used, which can be seen from the comparative table of technical characteristics of diesel generators.


Three-phase models are required only for connecting equipment operating in a 380 V network. In other cases, single-phase diesel generators are purchased . For consumers with increased requirements for voltage quality (TVs, musical equipment, computers), an inverter generator with a clean or modified sine wave at the output is suitable as an emergency source of power supply.

Start method

Generating sets are started manually using a cord or an electric starter powered by a battery. Recoil starter is suitable for low power installations up to 5 kW. For engines of higher power, the cord is useless; too much force must be applied to crank the crankshaft. For an emergency power supply system, it is advisable to choose a diesel generator with auto start (ATS), which restores power supply in the event of a network failure without human intervention.

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