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Artist Hoang Dung passed away


People's artist Hoang Dung died at 1435 in Hanoi after a period of fighting cancer, aged 65 years old.

Artist Cong Ly said that Hoang Dung passed away at the Central Hospital of Hematology, his family is discussing the date of his funeral. From December 2020, the artist suffered from pain from his shoulder to his waist, unable to move his legs. Initially, he thought that spinal disease should be subjective, until after surgery, the tumor was discovered.

Artist Hoang Dung in the movie Returning between love, the last project he participated in. Photo: VFC.

Artist Hoang Dung in the movie "Back to the Middle of Love", the last project he participated in. Photo: VFC.

At the end of December, he operated at Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi). After the operation, he was thinner and weaker, often lethargic, hospitalized ever since. The artist asked colleagues and friends not to visit because they did not want people to worry about them. Only loved ones are allowed to go to the hospital for care. He also hid his illness in front of the media, only saying he had spinal pain. A friend said Hoang Dung would feel pity if his shabby images were spread. He wants to keep a good image of the artist for the rest of his life.

Artist Hoang Dung transformed through roles in a TV series. Source: VFC.

Director Bao Nhan of the movie The Old Girl is very clever, said during the process of making the scenes with People's Artist Hoang Dung, he cried many times because he knew his illness. "Dung is an enthusiastic, passionate and funny artist. His first scene in the movie was in Thien An hill. He had to ride his bicycle for many hours in the night. After filming, he told me to gasp. is exhausted, "said Bao Nhan.

Very old girl, V is the first movie project that the couple Hoang Dung and Le Khanh combine.
"Very old girl, V" is the first movie project that the couple Hoang Dung and Le Khanh combine. Le Khanh regularly updates his illness situation with the whole team. Photo: Nam Cito.

Hoang Dung was born in 1956 in Hanoi, is an actor operating in the field of drama, television, and cinema. He used to hold the position of Director of Hanoi Drama Theater (2007-2017), then retired. He was awarded the title of People's Artist in 2007. In recent years, he has impressed many roles in the movie The Judge, The Life and Death ... Very old girl V and Returning between love are two his final film project. Towards the end of his life, the late artist was still devoted to teaching. Recently, Le Khanh and Hoang Dung co-taught the regular system at the Hanoi School of Theater and Cinema.

Born, the artist lived happily with his wife and two sons. His wife, who was a preschool teacher, moved to open a small clothing store to take care of the family economy, helping her husband to peacefully pursue art. Hoang Duy - his first son - soon showed his talent in acting at the age of 10, making his mark through the movies Grandma and grandchild, New Year's gift, New Year's Eve guest ... He did not pursue acting. When I grew up, I chose to be an entrepreneur. The second son of People's Artist Hoang Dung is studying at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. He once said that he was happy to have someone succeed.

People's Artist Hoang Dung: 'My wife is off work at home to look after my children so I can go on stage'
Artist Hoang Dung shares about his wife supporting his art activities in an interview with VnExpress in 2017. Video: Thanh Tung.