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An additional 9 cases of Covid-19


On the morning of February 3, the Ministry of Health recorded 9 additional nCoV positive cases, of which Gia Lai 4, Hai Duong 2, Binh Duong 2 and Hanoi one.

Patients were recorded from 1883 to 1891, specifically:

Hanoi recorded "patient 1883", F1 of "patient 1814" related to the outbreak of Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province. This person is an employee of Notary Public No. 3 in Cau Giay District.

Hai Duong recorded "patient 1884" and 1885, who are workers in Chi Linh city, have been isolated, with no risk of spreading to the community.

Binh Duong recorded "patient 1886" and 1887, as 2 F1 of "patient 1843" and 1801 related to the outbreak of Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province.

Gia Lai recorded 4 patients from 1888 to 1891, including 3 F1 related to the outbreak of Poyun Company, Hai Duong province; One case is under investigation.

Thus, over the past 24 hours, 39 cases of community infection have been recorded. All 7 days on February 28, the Ministry of Health recorded 310 cases of community infections, in 10 provinces including Hai Duong (226), Quang Ninh (38), Hanoi (21), Gia Lai (13), Binh Duong (4), Bac Ninh (3), Hoa Binh (2), Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Bac Giang with one shift each.

Variation of Covid-19 pm 2/2, according to the Ministry of Health.
Variation of Covid-19 on February 3, according to the Ministry of Health.

Up to now, the total number of infections is 1,891, the number is 1,461, the number of deaths from Covid-19 is 35, four people die after three to four negative tests. The rest of the patients were in stable health, in which 3 people tested negative for nCoV once, 7 were negative for the second time, and 2 were negative for the third time.

The total number of people in close contact and entry from the epidemic zone is more than 27,000. In which, isolation concentrated in the hospital more than 200; more than 20,000 concentrated isolation, remaining at home or accommodation.

The Ministry of Health recommends people to work at Poyun company, Cong Hoa industrial zone, Chi Linh city, Hai Duong in January 2021; people who used to take flights at Van Don International Airport, Quang Ninh from January 15 to present; Urgently contact the nearest medical facility or call the Ministry of Health hotline 1900.9095, local medical hotline number for assistance, counseling and testing Covid-19.

More than 2.2 million people die from Covid-19 worldwide, out of more than 104 million people infected. The US is the country most severely affected by the epidemic, followed by India and Brazil.